Truck Curtains

PVC Curtain Graphics

The large sides of a trailer offer an unbeatable branding opportunity. We manufacture our curtains on-site using high quality 900gsm German made Mehler Haku PVC curtain material for strength and durability. We import our PVC directly from Mehler Haku in Germany to keep our prices competitive.

Depending on your requirements, our curtains are printed with photo-realistic images or professionally spray painted to turn your vehicle into a striking imageliner.

All of our curtains are strong, tough and long wearing. They are temperature, weather and UV resistant for superior outdoor durability and their excellent construction yields high tensile strength, tear out resistance, flexibility and lay-flat qualities.


Painted Curtain Graphics


  • Cost-effective
  • Great for lettering and simple design
  • Painted by our experience spray painters
  • PPG 2pak flexible paint products

Digitally Printed Curtain Graphics


  •  Ideal for complex graphics and full pictorials
  • Seamless printing across length and breadth high-resolution 6 colour printing process
  • Excellent image clarity and colour density
  • PPG Ultra protective top coat